we've entered a new era of miscommunication.

I promise you, I just got the following email from my wife.

"I won't be at the 4pm meeting. Read my blog - you will understand!"

We have entered an era in which her first thought is "I've gotta blog this", even if it means her husband needs to keep up with her in the same forum as the other six billion people on the planet!!

To be fair, she did have a good excuse.


Kelsey Bohlender said...

I'm not missing the meeting because I have to BLOG! Duh! I am missing the meeting because Zion is having way too much fun in his new pool!!!!

Randy Bohlender said...

The point is not that you are missing the meeting, but rather that your first thought is to blog the incident and then refer me to the blog....hence, the title is more appropriate than I first imagined! :)

javamamma said...

were you saying there is something WRONG with the "i gotta blog this" era?
my husband has heard the "just read my blog" line more than once!

(from a friend of your tire-giving buddies)

Ronni said...

okay on one hand you men say we talk too much about stuff... so we blog it... so to alleviate your poor tired ears... we tell you to go to our blog... then you complain about that! SHEESH!


All in jest... my husband would never do any of the above....