I get a round. (Set of tires)

My good buddy went to visit is home town the other day and returned to Kansas City with a set of four tires that fit our SUV perfectly. Apparently, in his hometown they grow like fruit on the trees and you just pick'm off. Well, not quite. Nevertheless, it was a very timely gift.

I realized Sunday just how bad our current tires were. It was raining lightly as I pulled out into traffic. As I stepped on the gas, the rear tires of our truck spun like they were on ice. Granted, the road was slick, but a vehicle weighting 4,000lbs, just shy of 152,000 and motivated by only six cylinders should generally not enable you to do Don Garlits imitations.

This morning, I'll drop the truck off to get the tires swapped out. Might take the old ones and make landescaping out of them...just a little something to boost property values.


chuck said...

Tire decorating tip:

Paint one red, one white and one blue. When the paint dries, dig three holes and bury each tire half way. Now, you may want to paint some sort of message on each tire. Keep with the one word per tire motif. May I suggest, "eat more cheese" ? You will never go wrong with "welcome to Bohlenders". The other tire? With a little rope you can hang it from the big tree, or the homemade engine hoist, and you will have one sweet tire swing.

That tip and more are all in my book, "Down Home Landscaping".

Randy Bohlender said...

Would you believe Walmart decided they wouldn't install them? They insisted they were not 'round enough'. To quote a redneck I once knew, "I gotta find me a better Walmart."

Knihti said...

back in the day sams and walmart would install anything shy of a set of pogo sticks! now there are all these restrictions and what not...we order ours online and then go find the most obscure and filthy garage with the best hearted people in cincinnati-they'll usually slap 'em on. if you try this you must, however, be willing to dismiss the funky aroma rubber (perhaps of burning tires, but i'm not sayinganything...)and one million health violations and EPA dismissals. i'm willing to comprimise, on account' a' i ain't got no hydrolic lug nut remover dang it!