blogging from east beach

Well, it's east, but it's no beach.

Some time back in became glaringly obvious that we needed more meeting space at IHOP, particularly for two or three person meetings. The coffee shop can be deafeningly loud - particularly during the summer teen intensive - and there just aren't that many places to go.

Enter East Beach.

Off the east side of our building, there was a ten foot sidewalk. I say 'was' because it has been transformed into a Cabana Royale. Three cafe tables. Twelve deck chairs. Three ceiling fans and a picket fence to separate us from the pressing throngs - of which, there are none, but that's immaterial. Were the throngs to press, they would be held at bay by the picket fence. We also have pull-down sunshades and each seating area is separated by plastic lattice work like in a cheap Chinese resturant. And the wifi still works out here.

It's my new favorite place.

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Shawn Blanc said...

My Prayer Room team has met out there a few times when the HGC patio is fully 'thronging' and it's a blast.