when did she become a writer?

Last summer, Charlie Pharris announced that he was quitting blogging because he decided I had written the definitive post about something or other. Fortunately, he capitulated to public demand and continues to blog. But it was a nice sentiment.

Now I feel like Charlie. A few weeks ago (after months of conjoling by the boys in her life) Kelsey started blogging. Holy cow. Nearly every post has this profound, provoking hook. Last night I asked her "When did you suddenly become a writer?!?!"

And she can whoop up a mean batch of cookies too. Of course, she probably won't eat them, because she's probably fasting.

Seriously, I'm so excited about her writing more. She is a deep well and it's fun to see it out there for others to see what I see every day.


jen said...

Okay, I second, third and fourth you on this one, brother. Every time I read her it feels like I'm getting a great sermon!

Marci Lewellen said...

she puts the "wo" (like "whoa!") in woman for sure