Things that are right with today:

  1. My kids are all home. Jackson was gone for a week and we're glad to get'm back.
  2. The cup of organic Peruvian sitting at my right elbow is likely the finest cup of coffee I have ever experienced. At least the finest cup without playa dust on it.
  3. Kelsey and I are teaching breakouts this afternoon at the conference. It's fun. I go first and create a mess and she cleans it up. First in the natural, then in the spirit....
  4. WiFi. It still amazes me. Of course, I grew up with a party telephone line.
  5. The used Treo 600 I purchased on eBay is expected to arrive today. Yes, it's not exactly cutting edge tech but the price was sweet and I can sell my current phone to cover it.
  6. The house is full of flowers from Kelsey's birthday. I purchased none of them, but I sure like looking at'm.
  7. It is not snowing outside. Again, referencing my North Dakota childhood. Any day it's not snowing is a good day.


Marci Lewellen said...

8. Danielle is still in Kansas city

Randy Bohlender said...

Point well taken, although I'm not sure it's on HER list of things right with today!

Kelsey Bohlender said...

9. Chocolate donuts

Liz said...

Glad things are going well.

I second #7. Winter in DC was brutal for the Georgia girl.

I was further more thanking the Lord (today actually) that I was sieging in warm sunny weather, rather than cold, snowy, feet-freezing, nose-freezing, NOW-chanting weather.

Bless Gawd.

Brent Steeno said...

I need a cup of that coffee! Hook me up!

Jackson said...

Brent has a point... I seem to remember a certain caramel apple from Brother Steeno earlier this year that rocketh.

Brent Steeno said...


Have I told you lately that you are a great friend?