I have destroyed our kitchen.

OK, it was not without help, but I did play a major part in destroying our kitchen. At present, the only thing in our kitchen that works is the fridge and the stove. Everything else...dishwasher, sink, trash disposal, cabinets, tile....is gone. Torn out. Kaput.

Bare walls, many with holes in, rise from a barren floor, thanks to some help from Jason Wenth. Parts of the floor are wet from the two pipes we inadvertently broke. Meanwhile, we decided that someone quite drunk had installed our old cabinets, and in order to remove them, we needed to call reinforcements.

Greater love hath no man, than he would take a text message at 11:45 PM and show up fifteen minutes later with a Sawzall. Much thanks to the Causemeister himself, Todd Loughry, and to Eric W., who unknowingly loaned me the tools. They're safe, E. In my kitchen.

Tomorrow, the first order of the day is fixing the leaks so I can turn the water back on....

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Sean The Red said...

Im bummed to miss all the fun. Im really good at demolition. Sounds like it might still be the case when we get there! LOL. Should I bring my own hammer?

Dont make me bring the His Life Woodworks install team out with me!