The American Church has a big problem. It's the Da Vinci code. I know this because as I drive anywhere in the city, I find huge banners in front of Churchoplexes everywhere advertising their upcoming series exposing the truth about the movie.

On every street corner, you see "Da Vinci - Fact or Fiction?" or "Read the Book - Skip the Movie" or "40 Days of Da Vinci". The churches are betting on this thing becoming a blockbuster, and then leveraging their angst about the movie into a compelling series.

There's just one problem. Apparently, the movie stinks. Consider the following news article.
For 'Da Vinci,' the thrill is gone:
"'The Da Vinci Code,' the film version of Dan Brown's enormous best-seller, should have been the thinking person's thrill ride..... But 'The Da Vinci Code' isn't thrilling."
Understand, I'm no fan of the book or movie, and from what I read it contains some pretty antiChristian elements. Likewise, I think the church has a voice into cultural things and should speak up more rather than less. I just find it interesting that the Christian subculture is so poised to enter the arena with what may turn out to be a paper tiger.

What if millions have pastors have bet the next four Sunday mornings on compelling reactions to a film that, in the end, is no more important than Ishtar?



chuck said...

Kinda like Y2K.

jen said...

What's Ishtar? I've never heard of it. Har.

Anonymous said...

you gotta be old