We're taking a few days downtime after our trip - really the first vacation-oriented thing we've done in ages. We pondered spending a two days on the Gulf and than racing back to Kansas City, 1000 miles in a day, but that sounded more exhausting than exciting, so we decided to vacation here in Kansas City. :)

We grabbed a room at the Great Wolf Lodge. If you've never seen one of this places, think Cabelas meets Best Western. It's a little pricey but we landed a great internet deal and are enjoying passes to their impressive indoor waterpark. My favorite feature is the 10,000 gallon bucket dump pictured here. It's a month of showers in six seconds. I probably shouldn't have used soap though. Caused a major scene, I assure you. We went to sleep last night very tired and very soggy.

Today will be more of the same. My goal is to not leave the compound until late tomorrow - Kelsey loaded the room up with munchies and so this is entirely possible.


IntrotoIHOP-KC said...

That place rocks!!! Someone paid the way for our family two months ago for an overnight stay....what an awesome gift!! The kids (and us "adults") had a blast!
Our kids slept for a day straight after we went non-stop for the two days!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


chuck said...

Let me guess, you paid $10 and Brent is freaking out. :)

Travel mercies are awesome!