Surely this is a sign of the times. I am here at Waukaway Springs, near Laurel, MS, where my previous 3 trips have not even registered a cell signal...and from somewhere (the heavens? the trees?) there is a wifi signal.

Kelsey taught the first session last night - like normal, she I was phenomenal. I taught this morning session and there were no casualties, so we call that a success as well.

Yesterday's rain gave way to a crystal clear blue sky today. It's about 80 degrees with a light breeze. Jason & Joy, camp directors, and their two great kids, Hogan and Gracen (great name!) invited us down to their waterfront for a swim. Kelsey had to study but the boys and I joined them. With the waterfront to ourselves, the boys were brave enough to swim out to the floating island. Grayson allowed Jason to launch him from the swimming blob. If you've never seen a swimming blob, please do the following.

1. Inflate a plastic bread bag 3/4 full of air.

2. Set an Oreo cooking on one end of the bag.

3. Stomp on the other end.

Multiply the physics of this times, oh, say 4,000 times, and you get the idea. Without getting into details, suffice it to say Jason's days as a welterweight are long past him. I'd say he makes 2 of me, plus or minus a Zion. When he hit the blob, Gray went high enough that his trajectory carried him over several small planes and one low orbiting sattelite. It was a sight to behold. Jason later launched me with similar resultes. Jackson captured the video which will be available for download at a significant price.

It's nap time for the kiddos - something they didn't fight as they are exhuasted - and then off to dinner. South Mississippi has essentially one recipe; Fry it.. OK, not entirely true....we had grilled chicken sandwhiches for lunch. The food is all phenomenal - hospitality is their forte. When we got here there were two welcome baskets in our room, a large one and a gargantuan one. The gargantuan one contained more food than your local grocery store has in stock at any one time. They must have closed down a Costco. No wonder my boys wouldn't let us come here alone.

Later, Kelsey teaches again and then we're headed down toward the waterfront again for a bonfire. I have been charged with telling a few funny stories. Hopefully I shall cook up a few before now and then. Not much happens to me...

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Connie Prince said...

It was so great seeing all you KC Bohlanders at Waukaway, a secret landing/meeting place for many IHOP-ers, eagles, worshippers, and other radical types. Thanks for your great Burning Man stories --we never get tired of them. And each time we hear them, we are moved by the compassion of the King. May His passion be the "Burning Man" in our hearts.