End Times Diorama of the Day

Often times, people approach me on the street and ask me "Sir, tell me, where has all the really good apocalyptic art gone?"

Of course, I direct them to our Missions Base bookstore. Not the store iteself, but back in the office, where they had a little competition going on to see who could make the best end times diorama (quirky does not even begin to cover these folks).

Th bookstore manager, Kristen, blogs:
This diorama comes to us through the brilliant mind of Matthew Hartke. You'll see that in this depiction Dale is on the sea of glass with Steve Jobs. Our ardent desire is that he won't be offended when it's all coming down.


Kelsey said...

This is hilarious! And great proof that becoming a radical believer doesn't quench your creativity and fun.......let the end times monkeys roll!

Shelley Paulson said...

Tracy and I are laughing so hard we are crying!