Dance! Dance! Revolution Extreme Continues....

Fellow IHOP Blogger Jenny Powell sent me the following email and photo:


It seems our spouses have something in common... :) Caleb found "DDR" when we were on a ministry trip to California almost 2 years ago... I must say it was tough to tear him away... (though he probably wouldn't agree with me on that...)


Obviously, we have a cultural phenomenon before us. The fact that Caleb found it 2 years ago only accentuates the fact that he is, in fact, an early adopter. Please note trend setting, barefooted, hands-in-pockets stance, as if to say "I could care less if I dance or don't dance."

OK, confession time - does YOUR spouse engage in the Dance! Dance! Revolution Extreme phenomenon?!?! Email me and you just might find their photo here.

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