Coming soon. To a memory near you.

I was teaching Current Events to junior high kids as planes went careening into each of the Twin Towers. I only had one class that day, so I was able to leave at 9:30 AM. I remember walking across the parking lot towards the truck thinking "Something is horibbly wrong." As I exited the parking lot and called Kelsey on my cell phone, the radio told me that another had hit the Pentagon.

Instantly, I knew this was a day of division in our lives. To a degree, we would always think of life as pre and post 9.11.

I saw the trailer for Universal Studio's United 93 this evening. I thought it was a bad idea to make this movie orginally. I'm not so sure now. I have to admit, the film looks well done. The website is remarkably respecfully, especially for Hollywod. Still, I'm not sure I can watch this.

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Bren said...

I am really torn on this. My husband wants to see it, and I think we should never, ever forget what happened, but I am not comfortable with the thought of watching some one elses pain, yet I do consider the people on the plane very heroic.