Back in the saddle again.

NWA brought us home last night about 6:45pm. On the ride back from the airport, Jackson announced that if he missed his FSM class tonight, he was in mortal danger of failure. We took him straight to class, where he later learned that he had more excused absenses than he anticipated, but I say wahoo for discipline and he will be rewarded in the great bye and bye, if not sooner.

Our time in Boston was a joy.

Grayson got to connect with some of his good lifetime buddies. He is pictured here with Gloria Engle, Allie Amabile and Hannah Amabile. When the time came to leave, he gave Hannah his prized monkey balloon art and she gave him a pack of Skittles and every dad in the world could have cried over it.

Jackson and I saw some gems too.

This is Jackson with Becka Richardson, who was with us in DC during most of 2005. The DC company quickly dubbed her Little Becka.

I hesitated to call her that for fear of insinuating that there was a Big Becka among us. I still prefer to call her Beckaluiah. We miss her.

Gray was a little sick today, but nothing compared to what apparantly befell the rest of the group back in Boston. We heard of a number of all-night vigils at the porcelain icon. We did not encounter that...and we are grateful.

I spent the day split between the prayer room and my desk, where I began to dig myself out of the avalanche of email. Tomorrow will feel a little more normative, and perhaps I will even roll out a blog of some sort of substance rather than the touristy photo ops that you have been enduring the past few days.

Peace out, Peeps.

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