all i need....

All I need to start the day with a relatively clear head is forty five minutes by myself...and I'm entirely willing to set the alarm for 4:45 AM if that's what it takes to get it. Most mornings, that buys me a little head-clearing time. I peruse about a dozen newspapers and drink 2 cups of coffee from the coffeepot that kicks on five minutes before my alarm goes off. This may all sound pitiful to you, but it is my ritual and I shall continue to observe it. If you think I'm quirky now, you should see how I get without this time set-aside.

Observations from this morning's reflective moments are:

I really, really dig the new NYT layout. I know I said that yesterday, but it bears repeating.

The longer I'm away from Cincinnati, the more small-town the Cincinnati Enquirer seems. And that's coming from the metropolis if the prairie, Kansas City.

The amount of work related email that I receive between the hours of 1am and 5am always astounds me. And it's not always NightWatchers.

I didn't stop to think that it might be cold in Boston tomorrow. So much for packing light.

We had a great time with our eschatology discussion group last night. We've been studying together long enough that I no longer feel pressured to roll out some deep, previously unconsidered revelation...which is good. Plus, I don't think they were buying the "John McCain is a Space Alien" line of thinking anyway

My time is up. Gotta go join the fracas.


Greg said...

I think you're on to something re: that McCain guy.

My 2cents,

Liz said...

Have an awesome time in Boston, Randy. I am definitely jealous. Have an amazing time and tell the crew we love 'em.

God, raise up at House of Prayer in Boston!!