today's blogging time was invaded

Today's blog time was bumped by multiple meetings - some planned and others impromptu - a trip to the ER to pickup His Timness, and an evening meeting. Regular blogging will continue tomorrow presuming I am able to avoid all contact with real human beings.

On a side, time-saving note, I went through my list of blogs that I check daily and removed most of the whiners. I'm left with very few blogs. I wonder what that means.


chuck said...

aw man!

Randy Bohlender said...

to misquote pop music, chuck, you're so vain, i bet you thought that post was about you.

hey, we missed you at the gun club last week!

chuck said...

started a new job. tell you about it friday. all is vanity my friend, all is vanity.

Randy Bohlender said...

You're working at home depot, installing bathroom sinks?