sunday morning review...

Firmly ensconsed on the couch this morning, piping hot cup of french pressed java sitting on the end table and Powerbook in my lap, I have the following mental ruminations.

The S.S. Family Truckster's front axle or brakes continues to emit a growl like an old tomcat. Another trip to Mac is needed. I am praying that it's brakes although the nature of the sporadic grinding makes me worry it's a little further in from the hub than that.

I have been surfing eBay for possible replacements (surfing in faith, as we have zero budget for this sort of thing at this point) and discovering that a family with three growing boys - the oldest as big as mom and dad already - has precious few options when it comes to automobiles.
  • It must be able to remain comfortable for our periodic gonzo road trips (we've seen multiple 1000 mile days in the last few years).
  • We need something that can comfortably haul seven and their luggage.
  • It must hold enough stuff to resource the invasion of a third world country and yet be nimble enough for Kelsey to enjoy taking in to the grocery store.
  • It must offer a driving position that will allow the short adults in our house to see over the car in front of us, yet not have a propensity to turtle when I hook it down the ramp from 435 N to 71 N (where I very nearly balled up an old Volvo one time).
  • It must be fairly economical to drive.
All in all, we need a school bus with a 4 cylinder engine and a racing suspension, but I can't find one, and if I did, we don't have the cash and refuse to chain ourselves to financing one.


buzz said...

For a while I resisted vans -but several years ago my kids started praying for a family van. God heard them and we saw an astounding answer to prayer.

But since he gives exceeding more than we can ask or imagine he also granted me a measure of humility to drive it.

That was years ago. Now my kids are driving... and I never need to own a van again!

christa said...

Hey, Cameron Moss has a used Chevy Suburban for sale...if your interested.