Life is a vapor.

I learned Friday morning of the passing of a friend, Chad Canipe. Chad was a dedicated husband and father who moved seemlesly between the business and ministry world. He loved the city of Cincinnati with his whole heart. He was 34 years old and had little or no warning that he was as sick as he was.

I did not know Chad very well beyond the blog world - I believe we only met in real-time once at VCC and then had a series of scheduled and rescheduled coffee meetings that never happened - but I appreciated the keen mind and honest heart that was obvious in his writings, both blog and email.

My heart breaks for his wife, Renee, and their two small boys. Several times this weekend, I gathered my boys and prayed for Colin & Aiden. The reality of children growing up without an earthly father is sobering and drives home the responsibility of the church to care for one another.

Please join us in prayer for them. Also, consider reaching out to them financially by contributing here.

Also - many blessings to their community there in Cinci that has wrapped their arms around the Canipe family. You are representing the kingdom well.

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