hear that???

Do you hear that? It's the whirrr of the dishwasher. I make a point of it because it's the only noise in the house that I am currently not the cause of. Generally, our house is full of all sorts of human-generated noises, but this Saturday morning Kelsey announced she was going to a church garage sale and the hordes followed her out in pursuit of resale nirvana, leaving the dishwasher, the powerbook, and yours truly.

The only other noise - except for the click of these cool, metalic keys - comes from the surprisingly good speakers built into the 17 inch Powerbook. Earlier this week I was ranting about the fact that Napster was pc-centric. That set me out on a little search. I found Rhapsody, a music rental service, and signed up for the 14 day trial period. I am not sure if I'll continue the service at the end of the 14 days, but I will admit I'm tempted. The catalogue is quite impressive. I've spent some time thinking "I wonder if they've got...." and rarely been dissappointed. Billy Vera and the Beaters? Check. Thompson Twins? Bingo. John Cafferty*? Yes. Also has all the current stuff, but the fun in these services is finding the old one hit wonders that you haven't heard in years and realizing you still remember every guitar lick.

If you have eclectic taste and a short attention span, I highly recommend trying this service out. Let me know what you find. :)

*I am one of far less than thousands who saw John Cafferty live back in the mid eighties. His band were the unlikely hits of the movie Eddie & the Cruisers...which shot them into some measure of sudden fame and on a nationwide auditorium tour. If I remember right, they didn't have enough original music to play a full set and ended up taking requests from the crowd, which they did amazingly well with. I also remember that while we waited for the band to come out, the sound man played Dire Strait's 'Money for Nothin' at least six times in a row. The band finally emerged, the crowed roared, and the guitar player launched into the exact same song. People stood and stared in unbelief. About six measures into the song, he stopped and yelled "Just kiddin!", afterwhich they tore into a rocking version of "The Dark Side." They were obviously there to have fun. If they entertained, it was a byproduct. :)


chuck said...

jack mack and the heart attack?
screaming blue meanies?
do they have skynrd, man!

Randy Bohlender said...

they not only got skynard, they can spell skynard! True Confession: I already listened to the nine minute version of freebird.