Gun Club Minutes

The Royal Order of the Gun Club met this morning at our undisclosed location. We added a new, yet-unnamed member to replace those who have gone before. Topics covered were as follows:

1. Hopeless romantics.

2. Working on the railroad.

3. Getting punched in the prayer line.

4. Brian Kim.

5. Flying to the U.P. > Is it possible?


ylmurph said...

In my mind, the undisclosed location is in the backstage area of a Joan Jett and the Blackhearts concert....and the "yet-unnamed" member's name is Kevin.
That's just how I read it...

Randy Bohlender said...

I guess leaving him "yet unnamed" left open the door for you to name him, so...yeah. Why not. It's Kevin.

As to the undisclosed location...it remains undisclosed. The Royal Order of the Gun Club neither confirms nor denies the existence of a meeting place, the validity of Joan Jett, or even that this post was made on the day of the actual alleged meeting.

Liz said...

you are so mysterious, Randy ;)

Jackson said...

What does "U.P." stand for? If you can't tell us, at least give a link to a Wikipedia article on the subject..

anita said...

you can certainly fly to the UP, but i think that you have to eat a pasty (pass-tee) and don red flannel before the plane lands eh?
seriously, there is a great church up there in Houghton, Paul Marin is the pastor. God has big plans for that area!

chuck said...

is this repackaged freemasonry?