grrrr went the front wheels

Regular readers know that as it screams towards 150k miles, the S.S. Family Truckster is making an ominous sound in the front axle. My Inner Farm Boy says 'wheel bearings', although I know there's a whole mess of stuff down front that can make those sounds. Still, if I had to bet the corn crib, I'd bet wheel bearings.

Yesterday, we dropped it off at Mac der VonderMechanic. I called at 11 AM to check. "I'm just goin' to drive it now," said Mac. I called back at 2 PM, expecting to hear him say "Yeah, I swapped the front granny bar with the wobble bar from a 95 Geo and she's quiet now." Or something like that. Instead, he said "It didn't make the sound."


It didn't make the sound for Mac. The sound, which makes us wonder if the wheel is going to fall completely off, did not surface for Mac. He blamed the rain - that the rain must be lubricating the problem. So I picked it up and went home.

The evening was redeemed when I remembered Good News Tim was supposed to pick me up and take me home. I ended up not needing the ride, but he never called - which is unusual. So an hour after he was supposed to pick me up, I turned on the faucet to simulate rain and called his cell phone. I left a voice mail in my most pitiful voice..."Hey, Tim....it's me. Randy. I couldn't find you and so I started to walk, but I am at the fire station now and freezing cold. If you get this message, can you come get me?"

Ha! I think he fell for it. At least a little.

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