Weekend Update

Sorry for all of you who eagerly tuned in for the minutes from Friday morning's Gun Club meeting. They were classified in order to further the growing mystique surrounding the shadowy organization.

Friday afternoon I took the boys on a boys night out...dinner, a movie and a night in a hotel....to celebrate Jackson's birthday. We hung out in the hotel pool for a while before heading to Chipotle where we sat at the bar facing the window and made up stories about the pedestrians walking by. The older boys are very good at this and Zion is now showing great potential too! Afterwords we headed to HyVee to stock up on man-snacks (Creme Soda, chips, Twizzlers and gummy orange slices). We went to see Curious George (I give 5 stars to the parts I was awake for) and then back to the hotel to watch the Olympics.

And what was Kelsey doing all this time? Eating Bon Bons and watching QVC? Oh contraire...she and my mom were doing a birthday makeover on Jackson's room. He returned home to find his room transformed from boyish disaster to Starbuckesque coolness, complete with freshly painted walls, furniture, a new framed Narnia poster, a killer tan chair with wooden armrests, a small desktop fountain, and a host of thrift store accessories. He was shocked - we'll have to pry him out of there. I think he's in there blogging right now.

His fasting list is up over 300 now. Tomorrow's the big day - join us if you can, fasting for the unborn...for his birthday.

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photos, please?!