U2 loses all originality; dangerously close to becoming Rolling Stones

The Grammy's were held last night, and although I didn't see it, I understand everyone's favorite pop theologion did very well. I've heard their little record and I have to admit, it's quite a toe tapper.

All I want to know is this: What's with the hat, Bono? Especially the hat/glasses combo. As the Christian scriptures say, "What meanest this?" (pictured here: supergroup U2)

I mean, last time I saw a combo like that, the dust was flying and there were homemade flamethrowers being tested in the background.

Let it be known that I put the ensemble together first. This photo was taken late August 2004.

Although I appear to be assembled along with my surgical team, they are actually hydrodistrubtion artists.

(pictured here: supergroup myself, Barry & Lana)


Anonymous said...

It's not only the hat. The glasses are way more hip than Bono's. This is a true forerunner. Skip

Eric said...

Very funny! You are a trend setter.

Liz said...

The resemblance is frightning. I'm glad to know that you are the forerunner on this style. Who knows, maybe Bono is reading your blog and will go with the shaved head next... ;)