The Tuesday Night Crank Up

P.O.D. : Testify

A few months ago, I got on an airplane and sat next to a petite woman with two gorgeous toddlers on her way to San Diego to join her husband. We talk.

Her husband? He's a musician. Anyone I'd know? Probably not. Ha! Guy turns out to be the guitar player for POD.

The follow-up to Satellite never impressed me, but I've been looking forward to hearing this one since then.

It is a very loud little recording. And I likes it. I think I'm going to yell 'microphone check' next Sunday when I do announcements.


chuck said...

POD tip #1

Turn it up in the family minivan. It soothes the kiddies, and covers up that annoying ring from tinitus..


Andy said...

I totally agree with Chuck. The soothing properties of POD are widely known. Loud sound overcometh all complaining without exception, and, indeed, tinitus. Maybe you could get the album on prescription?

todd said...

i saw POD recently from a tivo of them playing on leno to promo testify and they were worshipping and God was on it and i likethed it.