location is everything

When you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and you know you're supposed to be there...you're light years ahead of 99% of the rest of the world.

Right now, Feb 10, 2006, I would not trade my seat here for anything.


chuck said...

There is power there. No, really, there are outlets on the column. You can plug in an Apple. I am going to bring my home computer in just so I can plug it in there. One day, someone will bless me with a laptop, or I will actually buy one. Then I can plug it in there, cause that's were the power's at baby!!

I am at lunch right now, and the narcoleptic effects of turkey are setting in. I....hope...I...don't....make....a.

Mandy said...

Looks like the best seat in the house!

Brittany said...

Um... you don't KNOW me... but I had to comment. This is also my most favorite spot, for 3 reasons.
1.) Shade... no/minimal blinding lights beam into my eyes.

2.) Footrest... my lower back thanks me for this one.

3.) Dead spot... I think that this is one of the "sound dead spots" in the prayer room. Not that I don't want to hear the team but I don't want a migraine either!

Brittany H.

Nancy said...

Hey! That's my favorite seat as well. I miss it .