I Love My Wife

That's her in the picture, dancing the night away with Grayson (8) at a wedding last September.

Dear Kelsey

I love you for who you are - an adventurer, a family administrator, a student, a fearless proclaimer of truth, the funniest person I know, and a million other things.

I love you for how you care for our boys. There will be many jewels in your crown for serving to balance out our male-dominated household.

I love you for challenging me to do things I would not normally do. To write. To take chances. To clean the garage.

I love you for forgiving my for wanting to wear cowboy boots to our wedding rehearsal dinner, although I would like to point out that they're in style now and I was simply seventeen years ahead of my time.

You are the best! Happy Valentines Day!*


*Men, if this your first realization that today is, in fact, Valentine's Day, your hiney is in a sling.


chuck said...

oh man, I am dead....

Liz said...

I love your wife too. I especially love it when she has new revelation on something and is really fired up about it. I also love it when she plays the flute. Please tell her and the boys hello for me!