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hello friends, family, and stalkers...or any combination of those three

My blogs have been sparse the last few days as I have thrown myself into a writing project. I'm ghostwriting something that needs to be done by the end of February. Holyghost writing, Batman. Having just received the rough material about Feb 6, it's meant cramming in order to stay on pace. I need 40,000-50,000 words and passed the 25,000 word mark around noon today. I've really loved the deadline - it's forcing me to do what I love to do but find ways to put off. :)

This week our HP All-in-One Fax/Printer/Scanner/Copier/Latte machine became an All-in-None, reverting to barfing out reams of white paper no matter what we mashed the print button on. First it quit on Kels' laptop. Then Mom's desktop. My powerbook printed a few days longer and then gave up as well. It's really odd, because this is exactly what it's predecessor (also an HP) did to us. The first one got a free ride to it's prior home, where we picked up the second one...so, once again, back to the home office, where we picked up a third. Each time they get better, cheaper and smaller. This latest unit cost half of what the first one did, does 3 times as much, and is the size of a postage stamp. At this rate, if I wreck a few more, they'll be invisable and free.

Tonight we're off to dinner with the Rutherfords...people who we've always intended on spending more time with and just haven't. We'll fix that.

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buzz said...

You can only push a HP so far. But I'm not convinced a Canon will do any better.

Blessings on the writing and enjoy dinner.