Yesterday is over. It's gone. It's finished.

One of the best parts of a 24/7 prayer room is that once in a while, you walk in and realize that you've just burst in on a moment in God. Granted, that moment's been at least seven years in the making, as this perpetual solemn assembly has been going since 1999, but there's still a since of immediacy. It cries out "Here. Now."

I walked in a few minutes late for the 6 AM meeting to hear the musicians doing a spontaneous song. The singers were flitting around with a lyric that declared "Yesterday is over. It's gone. It's finished." Like most lyrics, it loses a little punch when making the transfer from auditory to visual, but still...the truth of that statement is powerful.

if it's true...
I cannot make yesterday's mistakes ever again.
I may have to deal with consequences of yesterday's mistakes, but I can learn from them and am not forced to walk that path or dig that grave any more. Onward. To other mistakes, in all likelihood. But not the same ones.

if it's true...
I am a day closer to destiny.
I am more of what I am becoming than I was the day before. I guess this could cut both ways, depending on what I perceived that I was becoming...but I'm standing in faith that I'm becoming something that pleases God, and I'm 24 hours closer.

if it's true...
I am not disqualified.
Actually, "I am not disqualified" was the next lyric in the song. To be standing in the morning is to have won yesterday's battle. It's interesting - victory goes to the contender. If you're contending today, you won yesterday's battle.

Yesterday is over. It's gone. It's finished. I pray it's true in your life today.

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Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing, Randy. This is such an encouragement, and a gift from God to remember every day. New mercies every morning!