Thank you, Gang of 14.

CNN.com - Kerry will try Alito filibuster : "Kerry said he told a group of Democratic senators Wednesday, and urged that they join him. Kerry said he has the support of fellow Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy."


This would not even be an issue had John McCain not led the Cabal of 14 back in May, preventing Bill Frist from sticking a fork in it and calling it done. If you'll remember, they agreed not to fillibuster except under "extraordinary circumstances"...and what would constitute "extraordinary circumstances" was not defined. Watch them try to drag this vote out ad nauseum infinitum.

I have great appreciate for the huge price Senator McCain paid by serving our country in the military. It seems his last few years in Senate, however, have primarily been made up of triangulating manuevers to position himself for a run for the presidency.

Let'm vote. How American is it to stand in the way of decision making?