The old man leveled a steely gaze at the younger man. This game was older than old. Since cavemen fought over the best cave location, men have wrangled over real estate...at first the best place to live, and then the best place to control.

Time passes. The aged man's caution appeared to be foolish as the younger man began to encroached on his property. The younger man bought and bought, stretching himself thin and the struggling to keep his head above water. The old man centered his efforts on his corner of the block. No further. Building houses. Developing deals.

One day, the young man wandered down the street to find himself faced with the old man's latest project. A hotel. A hotel? What must that cost?

And the answer came: About $1000 in rent, baby. The young man didn't have it...he was already mortaged to the hilt. His optimism bit the dust, and his dad just beat him at Monopoly again.

Sorry, Grayson! :-) Age and treachery will beat out youth and exuberance every time!

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Brent Steeno said...

oh man! Thats really good. For a while there I thought I was reading a real story with some crazy spiriual significance. Instead, it was just a story about how big business crushes the little guys! I think it is time for a change; we must revolt!