It's official. I love Flickr.

I couldn't resist making this badge...and remembering our trip to the playa in 2004. We gave two guys some water and talked with them for quite a while.

They were so touched that we'd brought 10,000 bottles to give away - genuinely touched - that they pulled off their lanyards that held official Burning Man Man DPW All Access passes and gave them to us on the spot. The back side of the pass said "Good for free coffee at center camp all week." I was grateful, but suspected a ruse...

Being the leader I am....I sent two newbies to Center Camp with the lanyards around their necks to get us coffee. They were back in fifteen minutes telling me "These things are good for nothin', man! They just printed them up!"

I think I laughed as hard as the DPW guys must have.

(left to right - Myself, Danie Wheeler, Rusty Geverdt, Barry Long, Tom Mills (yes, Tom Mills), Hal Linhardt, Marji Long & Tara Martin, who has since ran off to Hawaii and got married and changed her last name.)


Danie Wheeler said...

Man...we look good!

Randy Bohlender said...

Are you a little testy about being trimmed out of the ID photo?!?

Come visit us, Danie! :)