Gun Club Minutes

The Men's Breakfast and Gun Club met this morning at a swank new coffee shop in an undisclosed location in southern Kansas City. As you can see, they were expecting us. The Gun Club gets major respect.

Topics covered, out of order, lest our true purpose and plan is uncovered.


Texas Barbecue

Durango, Colorado

Thomas Hall

Alpine slides

In closing, we discussed the potential black-balling of one Gun Club member due to the fact that they have never actually attended a meeting of the Gun Club. We also welcomed one new member into the order, codenamed CornHusk.


Mikie3toes said...

Why does the breakfast and gun club sign look like it is taped to a bathroom wall?

Anonymous said...

He got us Randy! What will we do?

Randy Bohlender said...

Mike - we do that to throw people off. You don't know which coffee shop bathroom....