friday night brag

OK, so I brag about my kids. I think every good dad does. I just had to share the new pictures we had taken this evening.

Jackson is twelve - and will be thirteen in a few weeks.

He is King of the Thrift Store, has a knack for making people laugh, an aversion to mathematics, and has been an adult since birth. He loves the prayer room, wifi and all things Apple.

Jackson was born in Kingsport, Tennessee and spoke with an atrocious East Tennessee accent when we moved to Cincinnati shortly after his fourth birthday.

He is an budding public speaker and excellent, albeit quirky, writer. You can follow his journey here..

Grayson is eight.

Gray was born in East Tennessee as well, but we moved to Cincinnati shortly thereafter, so he's more buckeye than volunteer.

Enamored with exploration, he can take all the fun out of a Lewis & Clark documentary with his steady commentary on how the filmmakers got it wrong. He is a research librarian's worst day on the job. He is also an animal lover and recently hosted a backyard funeral for a road-killed squirrel.

Grayson has a heart for justice - we found out just this summer that his name mean's "son of the Judge", and we see it prominently in his character. Scalia and Alito have nothing on Grayson - some day he'll be inside the windows of that Supreme Court building looking out.

Zion is four.

He is the only one of the three whose name regularly gets altered...in his case, to ZB, the coolest initials anywhere.

ZB is a musician to the core. He graduated from cardboard guitars to the mini sized acoustics and electric that he plays now. Since he was 3, he would take his guitars to the House of Prayer and play along with whoever was leading worship. He is also a pretty kickin' drummer.

Zion is a merciless tease. His favorite game is to hide Jackson's posessions and then send Jackson on wild goose chases around the house in pursuit of the stuff. "Jackson, I think I put the remote control...under my bed!" Jackson runs to look under the bed and finds nothing...only to hear Zion giggling "Oh....I forgot. It's downstairs!" What we all know is it's probably not downstairs either.

Obviously, we're proud of our boys. They make life big fun around here.


Mikie3toes said...

I've never noticed East Tennessee accents were atroctius. Thanks for telling me. Ya'll sure you be having a place to stay this next week?

Danielle said...

Hold me back. I'm about to squish your boys.

Brent Steeno said...

ZB looks like he is going to wack someone in the head with that thing!

Rachel said...

i love your boys, too.

Alaska1 said...

Those pictures are great! Assuming God keeps us on the path we are on, my family will be there in late May/early June to begin a 4-6 yr period of interceeding and equipping. I would love to have a cup of joe and see what the difference is between rednecks from Tennessee and the Frozen Rednecks of Alaska. I can assure you, there aint much :)

Blessings Bohlenders!

Randy Bohlender said...

Alaska - we're looking forward to having you! I would be happy to volunteer Brent to come on up and help drive the uHaul truck. He has vast experience in this sort of thing. Just don't ask him about the bus trip.

Brent Steeno said...

Ya, I am a trucker. I know the open roads like the back of my hand! The trucker life is a tough life. Full of bumps and bruises. But I like it. There is nothing like getting in 1985 stick shift uHaul truck cruises the open interstates and highways of America. At times I get lonely but then I look around and see hundreds of truckers on the road, traveling the same direction as me. And I wonder, "Are they going to the same place I am?" and then I think, "If they are, I have no need to be lonely because when I get where I am going, they will all be there and we can bond and make life long memories." There is nothing like pulling into a way station and stiking up a deep friendship with the guy in the stall next to me.

All that said, I would love to drive your uHaul. That said, I would love to drive all of your uHauls! The road is my home. The place I know best. Nothing is like it. Going 60 mph hour on a 70 mph highway listening to Tim McGraw on your little tiny radio.

Mikie3toes said...

I can drive the truck myself when I come. Does Brent offer a Truck unloading service. While the owner of the funiture just sits back, watches and provides pizza.

Randy Bohlender said...

I was offering Brent to drive the truck from Alaska. He would be happy to drive the truck from Tennessee when he gets back from Alaska. He is the most willing servant you will ever meet. I shall soon post his cell number so you can all reach him directly.

Brent Steeno said...

Go right ahead Randy, I do have to add that I charge a small fee for my services. $1,000 every one hundred miles - plus food - plus FREE unloading.

Randy Bohlender said...

He's worth the money. And I get twenty percent so you're supporting a missionary family too.

Jackson said...

Hey, dad, since I was the first to show you Brent's blog, I believe I am entitled to a hefty sum. I can split your 20% with you, 50/50.