end of day report...

I spent the better part of this morning in the prayer room - some of that time reading Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power: Books.

Afterwords I put some brainpower towards the second edit of the Omega course. We will be sending another round to print here in a day or so. I did that editing from the kitchen table as Kelsey needed to hole up in the local library and make some plans for the second half of the homeschool year, and then went to the 4 pm prayer meeting at IHOP.

Art Katz spoke at IHOP tonight. If you've never heard him, he's somewhere far north of brilliant. Kelsey and I went to hear him anad then headed over to Wild Oats to grab some groceries.

It is presently 11:07 PM. I am propped up in bed with this behemoth laptop across me and a cup of Aveda tea next to me on the nightstand. Life could get better, but I'm not sure what form that would take...because I'm pretty content right now.

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