eastbound by nightfall...

The house is buzzing with anticipation this morning.

This afternoon, Grayson makes his dramatic debut as John Hancock in his homeschool co-op play. Drama comes easy to Grayson - on a multitude of levels. He is particularly proud of the costume that his grandmother hobbled together for him. He actually went through about three revisions before he landed on exactly what he expected John Hancock to wear.

Once the play is over, we're heading east towards the TriCities area of Tennessee for a missions convention.

You can expect a report from the road. For the first time, we're conceding that the SS Family Truckster may not be the best over the road hauler any more. With 145,000 miles, it still runs and drives great, but we decided to play it safe and priceline a minivan. The extra space will help too.

zoom zoom zoom


Mikie3toes said...

Over hill, over dale as they hit the dusty trail and the Bohlender's go rolling along. Can you hear the accents now? Can you hear the accents now? Can you hear the accents now? I will teach Jackson how to do the accent whenever he wants.... Muaaahhhh

buzz said...

Hey where in the triccities will you be?


Liz said...

Have fun in TN. We missed you at the Rumble... it just wasn't the same without you.

Keep it real.