Whoops. Busted.

Looks like my little buddy, Jackson has stirred up some controversy over on his blog. He starts with:

"Sitting in the prayer room, I've got my iBook in my lap and a white chocolate mocha from Higher Grounds in the hand I'm not typing with."

Check out the comment section to the post linked above.


Sean The Red said...

That is sooo funny. Your sons are such special kids, and Jackson is such a neat young man. How neat it is to read other people posting with him.

Part of me is jealous. Right at his age, I began to descend into a life of chaos and distortion that has taken years to cope with. What would my life have been like to be raised in the way and focus that he has? Wow.

I think everyone that reads your blog would agree how wonderful of a job you and Kel have done with your kids, and I think you need to be congratulated for parenting him well, but staying out of his way enough to strike that balance that allows him to be who he is, and safe to express it. Good job you guys.

Alisha said...

I got a kick out of that!! Especially the part where MB threatened to send him to the Night Watch. The ultimate juvy!!