morning at the marriot

I'll be heading across the street to the venue shortly, but here are a couple of must-sees for you:

an IHOP milestone...
IHOP.KC's tech team pushed the 'go' button on it's new BRAND NEW WEBSITE some time last night. Large scale wahoo's to Jack Hill, Joanna Reyburn & Andrew Parker, for their incredibly long hours over Christmas.

For this, they commisioned a study?!?!?! Shocking news: Men and women are not the same.
Men and Women Use the Internet Differently, Study Shows: "For men, it's just, Give me the facts" said Deborah Fallows, who wrote the report based on six years of Pew surveys. "For women, it's 'Let's talk about this. Are you worried about this problem?' It's keeping in touch and
connecting with people in a richer way."

Makes sense to me.
San Francisco Woman Still Spry at 109: "'I mind my own business. That's the secret.''"

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