Mark my words....

CNN.com - Carey tops Grammy nods: "'This year has been such a blessing,' Carey told The Associated Press shortly after the nominations were announced. 'This is prayers answered. I'm grateful for the nominations and I'm really grateful for the fact that people are responding to the music I've made.'"

I promise you. Inside of sixty days, someone will do an article on the deep, private faith of Mariah Carey.


Anonymous said...


If there's one thing we've ever agreed on it very well may be this. It always drives me batty when athletes, entertainers, etc. thank God for the most mundane things. If there is a God, I'm pretty sure he doesn't care whether or not Mariah Carey won a Grammy or Tom Brady won a Super Bowl.

- Ryan

Sean MacNair said...

Mariah Carey thanks God and God says "Hey, don't blame me for that album."