last of the shopping

I took the boys to the mall today to do the last of the Christmas shopping for Kelsey. That is, once I finally found the mall. You see, I rarely go to the mall...so rarely that I couldn't remember where it was. Finally found it...in the middle of all the crazies in the parking lot.

With Jackson, Grayson & Zion in tow, we made the rounds and picked up some very nice things for the little Mrs. I think we did well this year - even stopped by Target for some stocking stuffers. Grayson was suggesting the Spiderman Padded Toilet Seat, but I vetoed.

Tomorrow morning is the weekly meeting of the Men's Breakfast and Gun Club. It's a recent organization a few of us have founded. As of yet, we have not fired any guns, but we have had breakfast a few times and that's been just as enjoyable. Normally we meet at our house, but due to a special dispensation allowing two of our four members to travel out of state, the two left behind* will be convening at a local, transnational coffee establishment.

It would be nice to have something clever or profound to write tonight, but my brain's still set on 'TOAST' after editing the Omega material. I was so fried that it was actually fun to go to the mall.

*to clarify: Kirk Cameron is not a member of the Men's Breakfast & Gun Club

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