Lou Engle Rocks! (pun unavoidable..)

Nightline's piece on Lou and our posse of interns was fantastic. Lou came across exactly as he is - a loving guy with a God-given gleam in his eye. It was fun to see the shops along Pennsylvania Ave (Cosi bread! We demand Cosi bread!) but it was beyond wonderful to see all our peeps at JHOP. We saw Beka the little blonde prophetess, Brian "Whiz Bang" Kim, Jesse Engle and so many others that we love with all our hearts.

One piercing moment came when the camera panned out of the House of Prayer, where the interns were hammering on heaven, to people on the street below. The reporter said something like "Down below on the street level, people walk buy carrying packages and $4 lattes - with no idea what is going on above their heads." Shazaaaam! We couldn't have written this stuff ourselves.

There is a total Lou Engle moment near the end of the piece. He's sitting on a park bench, relaying a 'what if...' story to the reporter. All of Lou's best stories start with 'what if...'. When he finishes, he sits back against the bench and church bells began to ring. The reporter, doing a voice-over, says "...and with that, church bells begin to ring. And in Lou Engle's world, that's no accident." We all cheered at our house - it was such a Lou Engle ending. (There are no accidents in Lou's world - He took Jackson and others to a baseball game and decided to foot the bill. It comes to $77.77 and he goes ballistic, telling the cashier "C'mon! The perfect number!!!" )

Lou, Therese and jhopdc - WE LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Nine months together knit our destiny to yours. We are incredibly proud of you. You have a place in our hearts reserved for family. And in our world, that's positively no accident.

Snatch the podcast. It's labeled "God's Interns: Students in Washington Put Off Careers For Prayer." C'MON!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


The NightLine piece with Lou Engel was great. How did you put that on your blog? You smart cookie! Very inspiring. That's what you call being at the right place and the right time.

Steve Sjo.

Randy Bohlender said...

I psyched out Blogger by copying the apple/c'ing the link and then pasting it as if it were a normal hyperlink. Pardon these technical terms. I don't know jack about what I'm doing.

We were all thrilled with the piece - it was very kind. Funny - we also had great coverage from NPR's All Things Considered. Must be a favor of God thing.