the jury is in: i am not a Night Watch guy.

Kelsey and I went back to IHOP for the 10 pm set. Misty Edwards plays an amazing set every Friday night - most weekends the prayer room is jammed to capactiy. Kelsey usually goes - I usually stay home with the kids and wind down. The little guys were snoozing and my mom was around so I decided to tag along. Here are my discoveries.

1) Kelsey's right. The set really is amazing, for both the ears and heart.

2) I am getting old. Having been in the Prayer Room at 6 AM yesterday, and in and out of it through the day in between meetings until 4:30 pm or so, I was ready to drop by the time it was over. After about 11:30 pm, I think she could have played "Georgia on My Mind" and I wouldn't have known the difference. What cracked me up was as we were walking out, I saw at least twenty people who had been at the 6 AM meeting. Of course, these were younger people....

Prior to last night's 10 pm set, Grayson hosted a funeral for one Furry Squirrel, who recently passed in a tragic automobile accident near our home. Furry had a very proper burial, including five of us in jacket and tie, a few songs, and some kind words by Gray. Furry is survived by his wife, Mrs. Furry, and (my guess) about 425 children, who also live nearby. Memorials can be paypalled to me and will be forwarded to the funeral director.

Today, Grayson's little buddy, Joshua, is coming over to play as we reinact The Great Leaf Rebellion of 1805. The other day we learned that a 230 mph leaf blower will create quite the wiffle on dad's bare tummy. It was not pretty. But it was funny. Jackson's going to his small group and Zion will no doubt spend the day playing his heart out.

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