friday on the fly....

I took the boys to the Y yesterday afternoon for a quick swim. As usual, we shared the olympic sized pool with only two other people...heck of a big private pool. The Y recently purchased these gargantuan pool noodles - maybe eight inches thick...big enough that I can sit on one like it's a horse and ride it. Of course, this quickly became Pool Jousting. Grayson is the undisputed champion, primarily for his willingness to drown rather than surrender.

Today's a busy one. For the third time this week, my alarm failed to go off (yes, operator error each time..). I woke up on my own though and haven't missed any appointments. Thank heaven for an internal clock of sorts.

I met Jason Wenth at Starbucks. We're connecting weekly for mutual encouragement - he and Lindsey rock! We love'm. Now I'm covered up with editing work and off to meet with the bookstore manager to figure out how many mp3's we have to cram on a cd to make it cost effective for the buyers and us.

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