the following is a true story, yea verily, I say unto thee.

Last night, along with the Roberts family, we attended one of those slighty dorky yet fun for the kids halloween alternative events at a local church. While the kids went from game to game, winning giant chocolate bars for their uncanny ability to throw bean bags at tin cans, some guy walked up to me and said "Hey, I know who you're supposed to be! You're Moby!".

I was not in costume. At least, no more than any other day.

Later we went to Chipotle, home of the burrito as big as your head, where they were giving away free burritos for anyone wearing tinfoil. I fashioned a 2 foot section of the stuff into a very stylish faux hawk and went for the spicy steak fajita burrito.

I guess that would make me Spice Moby.

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