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6.24.05 AM / Nov 21 05 / IHOP

The day must start with pen and parchment, both so much superior to the clicks and whirrs of a computer.

On parchment, my words are free to come slowly. A thought must be well thought lest it drop to the paper and lie incorrectly.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to write down everything that I say before I actually said it. Wasted spoken words are surely as great a tragedy as wasted paper and ink.


maggie said...

I'd never really thought that through...but it makes so much sense. Profound. By the way, your teaching yesterday was very helpful. :)

Maggie Powell (Alisha, Caleb & Jenny's little sister)

Jenny said...

caleb and i would LOVE to hear ANY dirt on evan. :) u tell us when we might gain the honor of such a priviledge and we'll be there... HG's? Starbucks? Note: I'm not a morning person.

Mike said...

I offer a bit of technical correction if I might. Paper is not parchment. Parchment is actually a form of animal skin that is stripped and boiled and stretched out into sheets. It is very durable, very expensive, and nowadays very rare.

Paper is a different beast entirely, formed from the fiber of cotton or wood and pressed into sheets.



Another interesting tidbit. Parchment actually comes from the name of a nearby city-state of Pergamon. So when you hear the term Parchment in any story that doesn't take place on earth or with our history, the term probably isn't being used correctly. I substitute "Vellum" which comes from the Latin use of "Veal" for calf. At least that comes from an animal that could exist in other worlds.

Randy Bohlender said...

Something tells me you're fun at parties, Mike.