Dumb Things I Do Consistently

You know how you do dumb things at random...but then there are dumb things that you do OVER AND OVER again? I've noticed the following patterns in my behavior that indicate that I, in fact, cannot learn my lesson.

1. Eating at Gates BBQ. I just got home. Should not have gone. 'Nuff said.

2. Failing to clean my computer screen. I was at the Apple store today picking up some gear when I noticed how incredibly bright and clear all the screens were. Then I realized that they were just clean. Mine looks like it's been through the war. And lost.

3. Use my in box as a to do list. Ever email yourself a reminder...and pretty soon six of the eight emails in your in box are from yourself with subject lines like "DON'T FORGET THIS!!!". I'm just glad I can't Instant Message myself. I'd never get anything done.

4. Read blogs from people who drive me nuts. No links in this item. I know I'm a proponent of reading books by authors that I disagree with, but blogs are different...more personal. When I see people consistently settling for less than what is real and then bragging about their freedom to do so....makes me want to pay Jackson twenty bucks to hack their site.

On another note, Happy 50th to my buddy Steve Sjogren. Steve has, by my accounting, bought me roughly 250 cups of coffee, led me into hillariously strange situations ("You're the Imam? We're here to clean the toliet."), and other than my immediate family, has impact my life more than just about anyone. He consistently shows me that it's better to give than to receive.

Thanks for living your life message, Steve. My birthday wish for you is that your tattoo artist also be a spelling bee champion.

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