Last night, a friend blessed us with a family .mac account because he figured we needed it. I figured we'd use it, but within an hour of signing up, I'm hooked...

The biggest advantage I've found (there are bound to be more, but I didn't have time to fiddle yet) is the ability for Kelsey and I to share calendars and files. We're working more and more closely together on a project that I'll talk about in another post (or this one would become War and Peace). With our three boys, working together often means working apart and connecting late in the day to compare notes. I love that any time either of us makes an appointment it pops up on each other's computer.

All that to say THANKS SO MUCH! to the giving friend. You knew what we needed...even if I was unsure (not the first time this friend has provided just the right tool that I didn't know existed!

I admitted to my friend last night - and to myself, I guess - that living as a prayer missionary, receiving financial (and electronic!) support from people is a little (ok, a lot) humbling. I need to grow in the area of learning to receive and know that God is blessing both me and the giver. I know, you're thinking "Sign me up for those lessons!" but it's easier said than done. I'm working on making our needs clearly known in a way that gives people an opportunity and lowers my own level of guardedness about our needs.

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