will the garage please come to order..

Today was the second consecutive Saturday that we have spent organizing our garage...multiple moves have left us with boxes o' stuff to sort, but we're getting there.

My beloved wife made a glorious purchase for me - 4x8 pegboard...something I've wanted for ages (I'm not hard to please, obviously...). I have an assortment of tools that would choke a horse, and this pegboard finally gets them out of the toolboxes where I can see what I've got. The most difficult decision was "Which of the four 3/8 wrenches do I really want to hang?". I think I hung four hammers - a claw hammer, two ball peen hammers and a rubber mallet, to be exact - and left another four in the toolboxes. Even though I don't use them much, I've got a thing for these tools, mostly because they belonged to my dad. My mom laughed at me when I was to deliberate about hanging them facing a certain way - apparently that sort of neurosis came from Dad.

Tonight, we're off to dinner at Jack Stack, then on to our Eschatology class. Nothing like hard core barbeque to put one in the mood to contemplate the coming apocalypse.

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