weekend recap

Late Friday night, Steve Willis & his brother, John, cruised into town in a big yellow moving truck. Steve's wife, Lynne, followed the next day with Seth, their two year old boy.

Steve & Lynne are long time friends of ours - we first connected at the Cincinnati House of Prayer. In 2002, they joined me on the drive-out team to Burning Man, crossing Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah & Nevada with me non stop an RV (48 hrs, including a nearly 8 hr delay when the 22 foot trailer became unintentionally detached, but that's a whole 'nother post). Those are their smiling faces on the right, as we rocketed across Wyoming and the sun set yet again. I hate it when the sun goes down twice on the same one-way roadtrip.

On the return trip, as all the others slept, Lynne stayed up keeping me stocked with fresh coffee and pop tarts as I drove through the night. (That's yours truly at the left, piloting 68 feet of RV and trailer) It was that incident that made me envy the catholic church's process for recognizing saints, because I understood that Lynne must be one! Later I discovered she is just petrafied of all night drives and car wrecks.

Saturday and Sunday morning were puncuated by pancake breakfasts. I am the king of pancakes. Pancakes are my love language. I make great mickey mouse sillouette pancakes with chocolate chip eyeballs.

Saturday evening, Allen Hood preached a barn burner. (See actual barn at left.) I won't try and give a synopsis for fear of doofing it, but it was excellent. Get the cd and hang on for dear life. Might want to soak the hay in the barn while you're at it.

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