Wedding Photos

As many of you know, the night before leaving DC we celebrated Adam & Taryn McArthur's wedding...I haven't blogged any photos because the happy couple absconded with our digital camera and we just recovered it when they moved to Kansas City to join us.

Zion looked quite smashing in his thrift store tuxedo. Something about his porportion made me think of a little chimpanzee. He loved the reactions he got while wearing it.

Jackson and his buddies had a great time - after eight months of intensity, they all blew off a little steam! Also in this picture are the 3 older Amabile kids. Why do they all look so grown up? We must do something about that....

I snapped this shot of Missy and Trevor, intern/activists extraordinaire, as we cleaned up. Missy (and Lydia) were a big hit with their interpretive dance of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby". Trevor looked good in his dark, wide-striped suit once owned by T.D. Jakes. I think....don't quote me on that. Missy and Trevor were part of the clean up crew who worked hard to break down the set and pile it all into vans for the haul back to the farm.

We all had such a great time...I don't think you understand celebrating until you do so after a long haul of hard work.

Last, but not least, Kelsey and I. I told you she looked fine.

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