Kelsey and I finished our ten day fast last night...broke it in high fashion over steak and chicken at the Elephant Bar. The fast was unusual in that it just wasn't all that difficult for me. Call it a specific grace for the occassion or whatever - I've done much tougher 3 day fasts. While I didn't have any sort of deer-in-the-Holy-headlights encounter, I still can't believe it was for naught. Something tells me sacrifice grabs the heart of God. He is well aquainted with it. His eye is drawn to it above all things on the face of the earth. My ten days were well invested.

I'm presently sitting in the prayer room. It's 8:10 AM and I'm listening to a four piece band & four singers led by a young worship leader who could walk off of this base and get a paying gig in just about any city he wanted it. Even at 8 AM, his voice is mellow and rich. He's improvising and playing off the other singers in a way that is engaging to the heart and fun to the ears. He's leading with a skill and experience that only comes by playing two hour set after two hour set. Somewhere out there are legions of pastors looking for a worship leader, shaking their heads and thinking "what a waste." I think God's saying "What an offering."

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