I've been digging further into A.W. Pink's writings...very short chapters on vast subjects, yet plenty of zingers to keep my mind stirring. The other day I noticed I was praying in reflection to some of the things I'd been reading about. God, you are supreme, soverign, immutable...

This morning, I ran across this gem:

God is not only the Greatest of all beings, but the Best.
A.W. Pink : The Attributes of God

One must consider the strange correlation that we assume between greatness and goodness. Great men are often considered anything but good...and men of low status somehow achieve mythical realms of goodness, as if poverty were a virtue. History is full of examples of men who - at the peak of their career - display an innate badness...so often that there has been somewhat of a backlash against those in power - an assumption of guilt upon the successful.

See the Lexus? He probably stole it. Corner office? Wonder who he stepped on to get there. Yet let these titans of business write a book and all they naysayers post it on the sidebar of their blog under "Now Reading"...whether they've cracked the binding on it or not.

What if there was someone of Greatness who was equally dynamic in the area of Goodnes? Would his Goodness contribute to His greatness? Could He balance being right and having might?

There is one man ultimately powerful and virtous. His greatness formed men from the dust. His goodness redeemed them for all eternity He is not only the greatest, but the best.

I wish you the best today - that you would know Him well.

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